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From engineering to software development

Aspire Consulting Ltd has been developing software for some time now. Our first foray into software development grew out of the consultancy we have delivered into the defence and aerospace sector for over 20 years. Performing Reliability Centred Maintenance and Supportability Engineering consultancy work, we resigned ourselves to the fact that there was no suitable software on the market that did what we needed, and so we determined to build our own.

From these humble beginnings, various companies have now utilised our software to optimise their processes; from analysing aircraft maintenance schedules to managing field operator workflows and remote data capture.

So, now that we have “accidentally” grown a software development team, where next? Should we start developing and selling more commercial, general use, software?

After going around in circles for a while, we realised that trying to get someone interested in a bit of software was not really what we’re about.

We want to create relationships with companies, so that when they have some sort of problem, they immediately think, “Those guys at Aspire could help us with this”.

So, rather than creating an identity for the software we have already produced, we decided to create an identity for our software development capability. Rather than selling a piece of software, we decided that we want to sell solutions to problems.

Introducing… Vedden

Vedden’s approach to any problem is to understand the processes, the limitations, the difficulties behind any company’s requirement. Often a company doesn’t even know what their requirement is; but they know that they are experiencing the ‘there must be a better way’ feeling.

Every project starts with us exploring and defining the client’s requirements first and foremost. Only then can we determine the optimal solution; whether that is a sophisticated, all-singing, all-dancing client-server solution, a stand-alone mobile application, or even just a spreadsheet (we can admit it; sometimes a spreadsheet is the best tool for the job).

We are not interested in selling you some costly, generic software that you have to fit your processes around. We know that software is never the end-game for us or for you; software is just the means to running your operations better.

We are not interested in selling a system and then leaving you to get on with it. We know the best working relationships rely on two-way interaction, observation, understanding and above all, listening.

We don’t want to be just another software development brand, quoting programming languages known, latest technology buzzwords and the current emerging technology. Yes, we can do all that if needed, but clients have got a business to run, and sometimes just a little help can go a long way.

We will be releasing more details about the Vedden brand when we launch the new website later this year. In the meantime, you can continue to follow us here on the Aspire site.

We are also recruiting for software developers to join the Aspire/Vedden team; find out more on our careers page.

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