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The FIeld Data Gathering and Exploitation Toolset

Designed to address the problems associated with the collection of data/information, in a variety of forms, from multiple locations and in instances where it is difficult, not practicable or not financially viable, to install fixed, permanent systems.

Applicable to so many scenarios; vehicle fleets, buildings, plant and platforms, physical condition data, process compliance, text, photographs, video, audio, sensor data, etc.

The aim – the benefit – of FIDGET is that it facilitates effective and efficient data collection, collation and utilisation.

FIDGET is comprised of a:

  • Database - located on a central server;
  • Web Application - accessible through any browser and allows the administration of the system including the allocation of tasks to personnel who are authorised to gather data remotely;
  • Mobile Application - leveraging the internal capabilities of mobile devices, allowing for accurate data collection. The mobile application is designed to work both on and offline and allows deployed personnel to gather data. fro storage on the database. once uploaded, the data is available to anybody with access to the database (which could include customers with read-only access).

There is nothing radical in this but, what it allows is the one-time creation of live data that, once uploaded to the FIDGET Server, can be viewed by anybody in the organisation or by their customers via the FIDGET Web application (if they have the appropriate permissions), who can then manipulate (if and as necessary) and use that data.

The Mobile App is designed to work both with and without a data connection to the server, with data upload/download being manually initiated by the deployed personnel when a connection becomes available.

For details of how Fidget could be tailored to meet your remote data gathering needs, please get in touch with us via ourĀ contact page.

Web Application Images

Mobile Application Images

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