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Asset Management

Total asset management to optimise your whole business system

No matter what its final output, make no mistake, yours is a complex business. You probably combine purchasing, design, inventory management, production, technical and non-technical data, marketing, business management and forecasting, all supported by bespoke business processes. In the prevailing difficult fiscal environment, how do you get the most out of the systems you have invested in?

The Aspîre approach to whole systems asset management, which we refer to as Systems Terology, is aligned to the PAS 55 (ISO 55000) asset management standard, and incorporates industry best practices through the optimisation of the myriad of improvement initiatives often adopted in isolation. The application of PAS 55 can be challenging to understand and implement, particularly for organisations with limited resources.

As with PAS 55, Systems Terology looks across the whole enterprise associated with good asset management, including through life planning, through business performance and everyday maintenance. Systems Terology looks at the whole enterprise in its business context and facilitates the analysis of business systems, the optimisation of those elements of the systems that can be readily improved and the delivery of pragmatic improvement strategies, which result in reduced downtime, greater efficiency, reduced waste and hence higher profits.

Systems Terology was originally defined to address the management of complex systems, physical assets, products or services across the defence sector through the application of systems engineering techniques. Indeed, Aspîre is the author of the Government’s DSTL paper on the subject.

A systems thinking framework tailored to your business needs

Systems Terology uses the systems thinking and systems engineering techniques developed in the defence sector as a framework, taking its key concepts from a wide range of robust, tried and tested techniques in common but isolated use (Lean, 6 Sigma, Theory of constraints, etc.), and repackages them to produce a simple but comprehensive, coherent and highly flexible methodology that can be readily applied to your business to improve cost effectiveness.

Working in partnership with you, we are able to bring together expertise from a range of sectors which enables us to draw together a tailored Systems Engineering Team with the right blend of skills and access to sector best practices. We deliver bespoke solutions to meet your specific requirements and address the performance, usage environment, reliability, maintenance, support needs and costs across your business; from cradle to grave.

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