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No organisation is completely happy with the performance of its equipment.
What tools can we provide to help you become the exception?

Whatever your Support Solution looks like, to be at its most efficient, it will have to be enabled by data. Data means tools. Through our group of partners, we can bring you a suite of leading tools, all designed with the sole purpose of making your Support Solution the best that it can be. 

We have our own software development capability which can offer you bespoke tool creation or support your data exchange activity, particularly if you are looking to migrate between support analysis data standards. 

From our partners… 

Andromeda Systems Incorporated

If you are currently designing your Support Solution then ASI’s analytical tools can help to support your processes.

Tools like RCM analyzer can support your reliability-centered maintenance activity and Supportability analyzer can support you as you develop your logistic product data (LPD) or assemble your logistic support analysis record (LSAR). These tools can develop the data that powers the in-service information systems that will support your equipment.

If your equipment has begun its service life then ASI’s enterprise asset management system, OptiAM, can enable effective management of your equipment and its support. Blending the asset management and feedback data from OptiAM with artificial intelligence, the AIPS tool will automate your ongoing analysis to optimise maintenance planning, scheduling, and execution.

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TFD Global Tools For Decision

Whatever stage of its life your equipment is in, the data that enables you to support is often vast and drawn from multiple sources. TFD’s Data vault allows you to collate, assure and assmble a single source of data to make your support decision making as accurate and effective as possible. 

If you are designing your equipment, or its support, TFD’s EDCAS tool can help you to calculate the life-cycle cost of your equipment design and support trade-off analysis between design features and options. 

One of the key factors that will impact your equipment’s ability to perform, either technically or financially, is the inventory that you choose to invest in. Too many spares that you don’t need or too few of the spares that you do need will make you unhappy with the performance of your equipment. TFD’s inventory optimisation tools, VMetric and Tempo, can help you to strike the right balance. 

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Support problems are complex and there is no single suite of tools that will get your Support Solution working effectively and being effective in enabling your equipment to perform. Our group, however, has developed a portfolio of leading tools, developed by support specialist, that can form the backbone of your toolkit.

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