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No organisation is completely happy with the performance of its equipment.
How can we work with you so that you become the exception?

Most equipment will a long service life and will be used consistently throughout. Some equipment will have a long service life but will only need to be used once. Whatever the case for your equipment, it needs to be in a condition to perform when you need it and your support solution is charged with making sure it’s good to go.

We don’t know what life your equipment will have. That’s your department but, what we do know is that the kind of life your equipment will live directly impacts the way in which it should be supported.

The support analysis  that you perform is vital to the long-term affordability and success of your equipment. Equally, the design of your support analysis programme itself is vital to the affordability and success of the design activity.

Support analysis is our area of expertise.

Sometimes, guidance isn’t enough and your team might need a little more horsepower.

We can act as part of your team, setting up your programme with processes, tools, standards, people to select the appropriate support analysis to conduct and make good support decisions.

We are here if you need someone to do any of the following, (this list is not exhaustive, so if you are wrestling with something that isn’t listed, we can probably help there too):

  • support requirements analysis
  • support analysis planning, including selection of guidance and standards
  • support analysis management
  • support analyses such as failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), reliability-centred maintenance analysis (RCM), maintenance task analysis (MTA)
  • support modelling and optimisation
  • ongoing in-service support analysis
  • support analysis assurance
  • support information, knowledge management (IKM), including data standards


While we can work as part of your team, we can collaborate in a different sense too.  

Through partnership, we can work with you to bring an idea to life! 

Our recent partnerships have ranged from delivering a service as a consortium of SMEs to organising an international symposium. Take a look at our examples and, if you have an idea that we can help bring to life, reach out! 




A collaboration of nine organisations who provide impartial development analysis to the Underwater Enterprise.

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Gateway to Logistics and Careers in Support – working with a specialist recruiter to provide free workshops for service leavers to discuss the support discipline within the MoD and its suppliers, identify what job adverts are asking for, and which roles are appropriate to apply for.

Pierian Academy

Pierian Academy

Team Pierian is Andromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI), Aspire Consulting Ltd, and TFD Global, who have decades of experience and knowledge in product support.

Supporting you with advice and guidance through training (and consulting services) as you adopt and implement complex specifications and standards to maximise your through-life product support.

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Global ILS Symposium

On 19th June 2024, Aspire co-hosted a virtual (and free) Global ILS Symposium, a celebration of the concept of Integrated Logistics Support. Learn more