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Leadership Team

UK Team

Lee Fitzsimons

Lee is a Director and support engineer with Aspire Consulting. He is the product lead for Aspire’s reliability-centered maintenance and training development services and acts as the focal point for Aspire’s involvement in the Pierian Academy.

A former aircraft mechanical technician with the Royal Air Force, after his service career was cut short by a sporting injury, Lee joined Aspire to become a support engineer. Lee has contributed to and led reliability-centered maintenance analyses, and wider logistic support analysis projects in the Air and Maritime environments on behalf of the user/operator community and industry.

Lee is a UK industry representative within the S-Series community, contributing to the steering committees responsible for SX000i, S4000P, and S6000T. Lee was the product owner of Aspire’s supporting engineering software tool, A*, leading a multidisciplinary team consisting of analysts, software engineers, and customers, to develop and sell a homegrown tool. Lee has developed and delivered several training courses in topics including reliability-centered maintenance, Defense Systems Approach to Training, the S-Series, and others.

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Peter Stuttard

Peter has been involved in Defence support for all of his working life, initially in the Army and then as a specialist in Supportability Engineering. He has worked in the Maritime, Land and Air Environments, he has significant experience in working with Defence organisations including the UK MoD, overseas Governments, and Prime Contractors in places as diverse as the UK, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, South Africa, and Turkey.

He has extensive experience as a lecturer and trainer in Supportability Engineering; he has been actively engaged in the development and training of US and UK Defence Standards, including ASD S-Series specifications. Peter has trained a great number of MOD, Armed Services, and Defence industry personnel around the world, up to the Post Graduate level, having lectured on a range of Post Graduate degree courses.

As an Army veteran, Peter served in the UK, Canada (BATUS), and Germany maintaining Army and Commando aircraft, he has operated on land and at sea, having deployed on Royal Navy [RN] and Royal Fleet Auxiliary [RFA] vessels.

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US Team

Vijay Chachra

Director of Aspire Consulting Ltd and the Vice President of International Product Support of Andromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI).

Vijay has over 30 years of experience with US DOD Logistic support analysis (LSA) standards, software tools, consulting, and training using MIL-STD-1388 2B, UK DEF STAN 0060, and GEIA-STD-0007B, including over 11 years of S-Series experience. Mr. Chachra has tracked the evolution of PLCS and then the S3000L specification since the 0.1 release in 2009. He is well versed with UML and XML modelling and data exchange methodologies. He also has a deep knowledge of the S5000F Specification having been a member of the committee since 2012. He has contributed to the development of both issue 1.0 and 2.0 releases of this specification.

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Jon C Leverette

Director of Aspire Consulting Ltd and Chief Operating Officer of Andromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI), JC is part of a management team that has been instrumental in the success of taking a company from startup to respected leader in the fields of physical asset management and supportability.

His prior achievements include: implementing Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) based maintenance programs on USN and USMC aircraft such as the concept for the EA-6B aircraft, development of a Depot Maintenance Program that became one of the models for future NAVAIR IMC programs for the T-45 aircraft, and major contributions to the development of the Event Based Maintenance (EBM) Concept for NAVAIR. Mr. Leverette is a recognized as a leader in the field of RCM having written and presented numerous papers. He is a member of SAE and is a contributing member of their G-11 Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability Committee, currently serving as chairman of the maintainability committee responsible for maintaining JA1011.

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Rob Willis

Director of Aspire Consulting Ltd and the Vice President of Acquisition Support and Program Management at Andromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI).

Rob served as an Aviation Supply and Operations Officer in the United States Marine Corps, during his 26-year career, Rob served numerous tours as a Supply Department Lead and Officer in Charge where he participated in logistics planning events to support forward-deployed units. Rob’s instructional experience includes the development of several courses, including the Design Interface/Maintenance Planning Course, Product Support Analysis Course, and the Maintenance Task Analysis Course.

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