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Maintenance Optimisation

Business improvement through Maintenance Optimisation

Business improvementCurrently across manufacturing and support services, the maintenance budget is a significant cost driver that any business has to incur. This cost is generally as a result of carrying out routine or breakdown maintenance and often accounts for as much as 40% of operational budgets, therefore the savings made possible from increased efficiency can be staggering.

However, have you ever asked yourself:

  • How many planned maintenance (PM) tasks do we carry out per year?
  • Are all the PM tasks we complete actually justified?
  • Can we delay PM tasks?
  • What are the risks if we don’t carry out PM tasks?
  • Can we reduce the PM burden and hence cost?

If you have then you should consider challenging your existing maintenance methods and processes through the application of a Maintenance Optimisation Programme. To help bring about change and reduce this cost Aspîre works in partnership with its clients to optimise the overall maintenance burden. We provide solutions to address these questions and guarantee a quantifiable reduction in the maintenance spend, while also providing a qualified support system for your equipment.

The methodologies we apply have been tried and tested across highly regulated industries such as aviation, rail, maritime and power generation and are used to determine the actual maintenance requirements for any asset in its given operating environment. It is used to decide what must be done to ensure that your equipment continues to be available, in essence; who does what, where, when, and importantly, what do they need to do it?

What are the benefits of a Maintenance Optimisation Programme for your business?

An optimised maintenance programme with a greater understanding of the system as a whole will not only improve asset reliability, decreasing downtime and cost, but also allow staff to react quickly, confidently and correctly if things do go wrong.

But don’t just take our word for it; register for a 1 Day Maintenance Optimisation Programme (MOP) workshop where we will introduce relevant staff from across your organisation to the MOP processes and develop a case study against actual equipment that you operate. Rest assured, the MOP process is a very logical one and moreover, the workshop does not require “specialist” engineering or analytical background.

Working together to tip the balance in your favour

At Aspîre, we work in partnership with you to improve your systems and help you to get a competitive edge within your market. To find out exactly how Maintenance Optimisation could drive improvements within your business, contact the team today on 01827 723 820.