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Digipen and Data Recording

What is a Digital Pen system?

The Digital Pen System enables users to create a digital record of data collected during an activity which can then be sent to a back office system. A Digital Pen translates information entered onto a form into digital data using a specialised ball point pen and saves it to a server or PC in near real time. The manual recording of data onto paper and then the subsequent copying of the data from the paper system to an information system, or costly archiving of old data are no longer necessary.


Digital Pen system

Increase efficiency and reduce costs using Aspîre’s Digital Pen and paper technology to capture data and upload it instantly to your server or database

Using the Digital Pen means that data is recorded only once but it can be used many times and by multiple systems thereafter.  Handwritten notes are converted to data and incorporated into back office systems, quickly and easily.

Used extensively across service industries, the Digital Pen System is easy to use, it requires minimal training, is robust and papers can be retained by the customer or the client for legislative reasons.

The Digital Pen System is particularly appropriate when the operator is away from their base and needs to collect a reasonable amount of data and get it on to the back office systems quickly and efficiently or alternatively when the operator is working remotely from the base station systems, but needs to report activities or actions to this system such as in a warehouse environment. The Digital Pen System can be used with on a variety of formats, from large forms to very small postage stamp sized asset registration labels.

Digital Pens provide operational data that is currently not collected as it is considered too labour intensive. Reports such as Equipment State, stock turn, resource/equipment utilisation, all can be recorded routinely through the day with little or no administrative impact.

How can a Digital Pen System help your organisation?

The uses of the Digital Pen System are endless. All of our Digital Pen System solutions, services and our payment terms are designed to be affordable as well as cost effective for every organisation, whether you are a large multi-national or an SME. To find out more and to discuss how Digital Pen System solutions can help you, call us on 01827 723 820 or email info@aspirecl.com