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Training Needs Analysis Courses

Defence Training Needs Analysis (TNA) – Discover how to complete a Defence Training Needs Analysis, find knowledge gaps and learn to design appropriate training courses. You will also learn about the component parts of a Defence Training Needs Analysis – TNA and how each part fits in to the system of TNA, as well as the outputs and control of a Defence Training Needs Analysis project.

Our Defence Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Course Design (CD) courses are compliant with the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) methodology contained in Joint Service Publication (JSP) 822. Whether you are seeking to understand the training needs of a civil or Defence organisation, these courses will provide the delegate with the full range of knowledge to undertake the tasks.



Principles of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) – Aligned to the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) and JSP 822

This 3 day course is designed to provide the delegate with a high level of understanding of the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) process coupled with a sound knowledge of the underlying principles within the context of a Systems Approach to Training. The fundamental principles are established and then built upon using a combination of presentation techniques, informal delegate instructor interaction and formal scripted syndicate and individual exercises. The course begins by defining the aims of TNA. The subsequent modules address the phases of the TNA, the products, the processes and analyses required to be carried out.

3 Days

£1100 + VAT

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Principles of Course Design – an add-on module to the TNA course.

The Course Design module is ideally held after the TNA course. This module introduces a explains the Course Design process, including:Instructional Specification (ISpec); Determination of Training Objectives; Training Options Analysis; Production of Training and Assessment Media; Assessment Specification (ASpec).

Book a combined TNA & CD 5 day course for £1700 + VAT

2 Day

£800 + VAT

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