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eManuals3D and Authoring


Technical authoring – bringing your data to life

No matter what level of technical instructions you provide for use by your customers or internally to support business processes, Aspîre has a team of experienced technical authors and illustrators to bring life to your technical data. Whether these are simple instructions to help the reader understand how to assemble or use a particular product or they are formal manuals, including maintenance and repair schedules, technical specifications and journals, the technical authors at Aspîre are available to assist you. With years of experience in writing documents from straightforward instructions to the most sophisticated technical documents, we will provide you with an exceptional service, and the finished document will have the content you require in a clear and concise format.

Aspîre has an established team of technical authors who can provide a pragmatic authoring service to provide training material, marketing material and any technical documentation needed to assemble, operate and maintain equipment. In addition to our authoring service, why not make things easy and store your data in a single place and draw common data to any document that uses it, saving time, money and space? Our authors have the ability to save your documents in XML, allowing ease of access to common data and templates.

Revolutionising your technical publications forever with eManuals3D

eManuals3D is the very latest technology in instructional and training manuals. It can be deployed as a simple PDF document or on a mobile device application and combines traditional instructions, data and text with animated 3D models.

eManuals3D can present information in a traditional format with high quality illustrations, but the illustrations can be animated and the users can interact with the 3D diagrams; this provides both a task rehearsal and a training facility. eManuals3D enables training systems to be deployed where they were not feasible in the past due to cost considerations, and they greatly reduce the need for expensive computer-based training systems where they were deemed feasible.

The eManuals3D instructional and training manual concept is an extremely cost effective solution for training staff in the manufacturing and maintenance sectors. Aspîre can create your eManuals3D either by using existing CAD models and task instructions, using laser scanning to capture the physical shapes, or building up your model from scratch using digital photography. The whole process can be completed quickly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional technical publications.

Ongoing benefits of using eManuals3D

Using Aspire’s eManual3D as an instructional training manual allows you to keep everything up to date readily and quickly. If a change is made to a component or to an instruction, there is no need to wait for the production of manual instructions in traditional paper based technical manuals for the insertion of amended data.  Changes can simply be added to the animation as a rapid update and distributed electronically.

For further details of how Aspîre’s technical authoring and eManuals3D can benefit your organisation contact the team today!