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Authoring and eManuals3D

Technical authoring – providing clarity to Defence publications

Aspîre delivers technical publications across the defence sector to standards including ASD S1000D, ASD S2000M, ASD-STE100 and DAvP70 Digital Air Publications. With a range of software tools available (eg the Abode and Arbortext suite), the development of your data can be in SGML, XML, HTML, delivered in bound hardcopy, PDF, CD-ROM and DVD or even eManuals3D.

In addition to these ‘traditional’ formats, Aspîre can also deliver advanced publications utilising embedded 3D images. Our eManuals3D publications integrate 3D graphics with a maintenance, operational, or manufacturing procedure; such graphics can be manipulated by the user (spun on three axes, zoomed, etc). The diagrams are dynamic in that they can be linked to part numbers and associated data. The maintenance step will be linked to lists of tools and materials required, safety notices, etc.

Introducing Aspîre’s eManuals3D – a revolutionary way to visualise your tasks

eManuals3D are significantly more effective than standard “flat” technical publications; they have the added benefit in that eManuals3D greatly facilitate the provision of effective and affordable training solutions.

Technical training typically utilises the available traditional technical manuals. Such manuals are often outdated and difficult to understand, resulting in a lot of time and money being wasted and while mistakes can still be made.

Aspîre’s eManuals3D can be deployed in the form of a standard PDF document, which can be viewed using the freely available Adobe reader software. eManuals3D are ideal for training new employees on difficult pieces of equipment. The 3D animation allows employees to visualise how a component works and how it fits together.

eManuals3D maintenance manuals are also highly effective as training aids, ideal for ‘task rehearsal’, as a part of your distributed training solution or to support formal classroom training. They are equally effective when training operators working on a  manufacturing process. If a mistake is made the employee can go back and rectify the problem at the simple click of a mouse.

Aspîre can create your eManuals3D either by using existing CAD models, task instructions  and for complex, high value items, a range of advance scanning techniques can be used to capture the physical shapes, or; alternatively, Aspîre can create 3D graphics from scratch using digital photographs of the equipment, extant drawings, etc. This process can be completed quickly and at a cost that is comparable to that of traditional technical publications.

Aspîre can also quickly develop mini-training applets for specific tasks to meet immediate needs.

How will you make use of our eManuals3D and authoring service?

The uses of the eManuals 3D are endless! All of our solutions, services and our payment terms are designed to be affordable as well as cost effective for every organisation, whether you are a large multi-national or an SME. To find out more and to discuss how the Aspîre team can help you, call us on 01827 723 820 or email info@aspirecl.com today!

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