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Automated RCM Toolset

Introducing the Astar Toolset – developed by RCM analysts, for RCM analysts

In 2012 Aspîre was conducting a number of Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) analysis programmes and found the software that had become the de facto industry standard was poorly supported, based on obsolete software and had a poor data structure that made it very difficult to implement effective configuration control. Since the software was out of date and no longer fit for purpose, it was not cost effective to use.

Having scoured the market for an acceptable alternative, but to no avail, Aspîre initiated the development of an RCM Toolset to support our in-house RCM analysis activities. The result is the Aspîre Astar Toolset for RCM and MSG-3 analyses.

Aspîre applies the “Agile” programme philosophy, utilising spiral development concepts and at its heart is the principle of close engagement with the user community throughout the development process. Astar is developed by RCM analysts, specifically for RCM analysts and the development process is ongoing with Aspîre continuously developing new and enhanced Astar capabilities.

The success of this programme attracted the attention of two major Defence Prime Contractors who now lease Astar in order to support their own RCM programmes.

Optimal RCM work programmes created by a unique automated RCM Toolset

Astar is designed to facilitate an optimal RCM programme of work, which results in an optimal set of maintenance schedules, keeping it intelligently structured while any maintenance planning and the analysis environment facilitates the implementation of very cost effective RCM programmes.

Astar is designed to support a coherent, optimal process which includes all the activities required to conduct the RCM /MSG-3 analyses through to the production of ready to use schedule maintenance publications (or data for importing into a CMMS). Aspîre has developed an intelligent, xml based, report generating system that enables such schedules and exports data to be created directly from Astar. This philosophy ensures that the master source of all schedule information is held in a single source, reducing the risk of the duplication of tasks, and keeping all personnel on track and up to date.

How can the Astar Toolset benefit your organisation?

Since each business is unique, the exact impact of implementing the Astar Toolset will vary depending on your requirements and expectations. To discuss how the automated RCM Toolset could benefit your business, please contact the Aspîre team today on 01827 723 820.

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