SME Collaborative Underwater
Business Alliance

The SCUBA team is formed of collaborative best-in-class SMEs who provide a broad range of support to the Underwater Enterprise. We cover a combination of independent and impartial development analysis, provided by companies with no design or manufacturing interest through to companies with real-world experience of designing, trialling and exploiting products.

The SCUBA collaborative partners are:



Arke Ltd

cost estimating, evidence-based decision making, project and programme
management. Visit:


Aspire Consulting Limited

Enables the
development of robust, optimal support systems ensuring that assets continue to
deliver, at the right cost, for life. Visit:


Logiq Consulting

clients understand their cyber security risks and improve their security
posture. Visit:


Marine AI Ltd

A software
development team that specialises in artificial intelligence in manned and
unmanned marine vehicles. Visit:


MSubs Ltd

Whatever it
is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference. Visit:


Optima Systems Consultancy

in-depth technical expertise with broader systems thinking to scope and solve
complex problems. Visit:


Safeguard Engineering

in providing safety, environmental and marine engineering support. Visit:


Steller Systems

in naval architecture and marine engineering. Visit:


User Centric Design

Ensures that systems and products are designed with users in mind across a wide range
of sectors. Visit: