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Data, Computing and Analytics Courses

Data drives modern business operations. These courses present a variety of tools and techniques to harness effective data use; from management and manipulation of data, through to analytics and decision support.



Decision Support – An Introduction to Evidence Based Decision Making

This course is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of good decision making practice and to teach them useful tools for making good, accountable decisions based on evidence and data. This course is ideal for any personnel who hold a role which involves decision making. It highlights the basic principles and elements of data-driven decision making, and equips delegates with a range of tools which they can apply to improve decision making processes within their own organisation.

2 Days

£749 + VAT

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XML, XSLT and Schemas – An Introduction to Structured Documents and Data

The course aims to cover the most important aspects of XML documents and how they are used in the present day. The course is hands-on, favouring the practical over the theory, but still covering everything needed to know to be able to converse effectively and knowledgeably about XML. The attendees will be creating their own XML files within minutes.

1 Day

£399 + VAT

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Introduction to Spreadsheets

A 3 hour course introducing the delegate to spreadsheets, their capabilities, their application to business functions and limitations. This course is aimed at anyone who is new to, or inexperienced with, working with spreadsheets or who wishes to gain a greater understanding of how to utilise spreadsheets and understand their limitations.

1/2 Days

£99 + VAT

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