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Reliability-centred Maintenance Training

RCM is a method for identifying the activities in which an organisation should invest in order to achieve the safe and efficient operation of its equipment.

RCM training with Aspire explores the underpinning principles of RCM. Designed to focus on the generic application the content is based on that described in SAE JA1011 – the accepted minimum criteria that needs to be satisfied in order to call an analysis ‘RCM’.

Because our core RCM training product is designed to be generic, it is not tied or specific any particular guidance set.



RCM – A Practical Guide (Inc FMEA – The Principles)

Designed to take a delegate, with no exposure to either failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) or RCM, to the point where they can contribute to or review RCM analysis. Set in a workshop environment the delegates will gain firsthand experience of the RCM process and some of its more subjective topics. This course lays the knowledge foundation by exploring the generic principles of FMEA before moving on to using it during the overall RCM process.

4 Days

£1400 + VAT

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RCM – An Overview (COMING SOON)

Aimed at those that make the decisions. Those that are exploring the benefits that RCM could and that need an idea of how it works, the processes and the resources that will be required. This is RCM 101 and is designed to give a string overview of what the process is, how it woks, what will be needed and things to consider. Above all of that, this overview ill dispel the myths of RCM and explain what it actually does/can do if/when it is allowed to.

1 Day

£450 + VAT

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FMEA – The principles

The course addresses the general principles behind the concept of FMEA. Aimed at those who have little or no practical experience in the application of FMEA this workshop style training gives the delegate an insight into what FMEA can do and where it can be applied. Whether the delegates workspace is design, product, process or service the underlying principles explained here are applicable.

1 Day

£450 + VAT

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