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A Systems Approach to Complex Spreadsheets

Badly designed spreadsheets may, at best, not answer the question that they were intended to address.  At worst, they may cause incalculable financial damage to an organisation or even to a nation state.

There are two questions that any modeller has to address:

1) Am I building the right model?
2) Am I building the model right?

This two day course addresses both questions. The delegate will learn to follow a structured development “Life Cycle” which requires them to Scope, Specify and to Design a model BEFORE the build phase commences, thus ensuring that the right model is built.  Subsequent phases of the Life Cycle address how to build a model that complies with industry best practice; this not only reduces the potential for error, but also ensures that the model is built in an efficient, time saving manner, that it is reliable and easy to use. The final phases of the Life Cycle address the Testing and the Use of such models.

The approach as taught is not prescriptive, rather it is flexible and maybe adapted to reflect the needs of individual programmes.

In addition, the Delegates will be introduced to a wide range of Excel Spreadsheet techniques and tips.

The course is very practical in nature with many exercises, using a pre-prepared Excel model, that delegates work with through each phase of the model development Life Cycle.


A Systems Approach to Complex Spreadsheets

A two day course which enables delegates to develop and use Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet based models in accordance with industry Best Practice.

In this context a Spreadsheet model is deemed to include any spreadsheet containing a simple one-off calculation (to illustrate, a simple model may only take one or two days to produce)  through to a complex piece of software designed to simulate complex real world interactions, it may contain macros and code in order to automate aspects of the modelling process.



2 Days

£950 + VAT

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