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Maintenance management systems to improve maintenance cost control

It looks like acronym madness – MRP, ERP, SAP, EAM; and most will claim to deliver some level of maintenance management capabilities as a by-product. But where should you start?

The benefits of adopting a dedicated computerised maintenance management system are well documented and generally undeniable. Despite this, around 70% of businesses, particularly small and medium manufacturing companies have no such capability to manage their maintenance. Does this include your business?

There are literally hundreds of Maintenance Management Systems (MMS) products on the market, many simply sold as software products. Aspîre on the other hand can offer a bespoke service; we listen to your requirements, select the most appropriate tools, train, load/install and then mentor their use. Not only that, as we are an engineering company, we can take in fielded data, analyse it and adjust your maintenance regime to reflect real-time equipment requirements through a Maintenance Optimisation Programme.

What are the expected benefits of implementing a maintenance management system?

MMS can be a significant investment for any enterprise, so you need to know that it will be worth the cost not only in the short term but also in the long term. By working together we can develop and deploy a maintenance management capability that delivers:

  • Reduced cost
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk mitigation
  • Predictability

There are also some less tangible benefits such as fewer breakdowns, improved planning, better inventory management and clearer reporting. These benefits have an impact not only on equipment and its efficiency but also on your workforce, allowing them to better manage their time while providing all necessary reporting details to their managers.

Today maintenance staff are on the move more than ever, and they often cover a wider area with fewer resources. Over the last five years the incredible rise of portable communications has made it possible to support the need for mobile maintenance with easy remote electronic access to the CMMS.

Discover how a maintenance management system can positively impact on your business!

With many years’ experience working with MMS, the Aspîre team have the knowledge to guide you and help you to implement the best system for your needs. Whether you need a specific system, or a bespoke design we would be happy to discuss your requirements in detail. Please contact us today on 01827 723 820 or visit our contact page to get in touch.